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How to tell whether Jordan 1 is real or fake?

Nowadays, people's living standards have generally improved, so the requirements for shoes are getting higher and higher. In the past, they may only want to keep warm and comfortable to wear. Now everyone prefers more fashionable and fashionable shoes, such as the familiar AJ, yeezy.

1. The depth of the stitching on the edges of Fake Jordan 1 shoes

The stitching strength of Fake Jordan 1 is small, and it can be clearly seen that the traces of the stitches are relatively shallow.

The routing of Air Jordans is very obvious. There are deep marks between the thread and the shoe, and you can feel that there is a clear sinking feeling.

2. Shoe waist (position of heel splicing)

Fake Jordan 1 Shoes can see very obvious discount marks.

The waistband of the Air Jordan is very smooth, as if it is formed in one piece, and there is no sense of disharmony as a whole.

(This detail will not be due to the packaging being crushed, because the waist of the shoe is not stressed in the shoe box)

3. Soles and edges

There seems to be obvious glue overflow on the edges of Fake Jordan 1 Shoes, and the glue overflow is basically at some stitching joints.

The edges of Air Jordans are very neat and smooth, and there is no glue overflow. No matter what the situation is, real AJs will not have glue overflow.

Four: Breathing holes in the toe

The ventilation holes of Fake Jordan 1s Shoes are of different sizes and depths.

Real Air Jordans are basically the same size and shade.

(The leather of real shoes will feel much smoother)

The above four points are summarized for everyone to compare the authenticity of Fake Air Jordan 1 Shoes. If you want to truly compare the authenticity of a shoe, there are many details that need to be compared, but after all, that is the job of a professional appraiser, and this The four points can be distinguished by the naked eye, and they are also common problems of every Fake Jordan 1 Shoes. The identification does not require too much technical content, and ordinary people can easily distinguish them.

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