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  The Best Air Jordan series is the most successful basketball shoe series, and every pair of shoes in this series has been written into history and become a classic. However, no great product is perfect from the start, and the Best Air Jordan line is no exception. If the original Air Jordan series focused on superficial work, starting from Best Air Jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.

  Best Air Jordan 4 Creation Background

  In the late 1980s, due to the unsatisfactory design and manufacturing process, the complex structure of air-cushioned basketball shoes inevitably brought unnecessary weight, which affected the performance of athletes. These shortcomings can also be found in the first three generations of Best Air Jordan basketball shoes. See, although the external air cushion has been used since the Best Air Jordan 3, the weight and comfort of the shoes have been sacrificed. This is not in line with JORDAN's basketball style, and the same product is increasingly unsatisfactory to consumers. Under this historical background, a brand new Best Air Jordan product was introduced to the market.

  Best Air Jordan 4 Creation Philosophy

  The appearance of Best Jordan 4, for the first time, made it clear that the Best Air Jordan series and the Flight series will complement each other and learn from each other, and also put forward the concept of defender basketball shoes for the first time. In the era when Force basketball shoes dominated the market, the nascent Flight series was weak. Flight symbolized flight. Those who used the Flight series were all flyers who worked on the backboard. Those players with excellent bounce were called Flight. , they can often bring the most exciting performances and are the most popular characters on the basketball court, and Jordan is the representative of such players, so the Best Jordan 4 launched in 1989 and the Air Flight 89 launched in the same year became the first to use The two pairs of sneakers with the Flight logo, the appearance of these two pairs of sneakers also heralds the birth of the Flight series. Although the Best Air Jordan 4 is the only Best Air Jordan basketball shoe with the word Flight so far, the design concept of the Flight series has been integrated into the design of the Best Air Jordan series, which also makes the Best Air Jordan series toward the With the development of light weight and speed, this spirit of always flying upward has been deeply integrated into the soul of the Best Air Jordan series. It can be said that the Best Air Jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the entire Best Air Jordan series, or It is a Nirvana.

  The Story Behind the Best Air Jordan 4 Three Classic Colorways

  First pair: Best Air Jordan 4 White Cement

  Best Air Jordan 4 White Cement was first released in February 1989. As one of the 4 OG colorways of the fourth generation of Best Jordan 4 shoes, not everyone could accept such a trendy look. Incomparably, avant-garde basketball shoes with ideological design appeared on the NBA arena.

  The Best Air Jordan 4 White Cement has more than 30 years of history from its first release to the present, with 3 copies, or 4 releases. Prices have only roughly doubled in these four offerings, almost in line with price increases. It was first reproduced in 1999, more than ten years after it first appeared. It was replicated a second time in 2012, followed by a return in 2016.

  In addition to cooperating with Nike and MJ on the Best Air Jordan 4 commercial shooting, director Spike Lee also spoke highly of the Air Jordan 4, and also loves this classic shoe very much. Also shortly after the third return, MJ took the Best Jordan 4 commercial TV commercial, and the Best Air Jordan 4 White Cement naturally appeared as the main feature. As an eye-catching sneaker that is back again, there is such a resource for publicity shortly after the return to know that this colorway is very popular.

  Second pair: Best Air Jordan 4 RETRO

  Do you remember "THE SHOT"? Or do you really know what it means? The fame of Best Jordan 4 is nothing more than the classic shot made by Jordan in the fifth game of the first round of the NBA playoffs on May 7, 1989, and the word "THE SHOT" has been born since then.

  Although time has passed 30 years, I believe that as long as Jordan fans or fans who are obsessed with the Best Air Jordan series, when they mention this game, they can’t help but think of jumping high after the lore, throwing fists and roaring in the air. Celebrating the figure and the classic Best Jordan 4 black and red on his feet.

  Third pair: Best Air Jordan 4 Paris Saint-Germain

  The Best Air Jordan 4 Paris released in 2020 is the colorway launched by Aj and the Paris-Germany team for the third year of cooperation. Prior to this, nike and Paris, the city for decades, the brand image.

  In 2017, Jordan brand reached a close cooperation with the basketball association that has been issued, and since 1985, Michael Jordan visited Paris for the first time and started various close cooperation and activities in the future.

  The relationship between Jordan brand and Paris, a city full of artistic charm, has become stronger and stronger. During this decade, the cooperation between the two has never been interrupted. In 2019, Michael Jordan personally led Westbrook, Anthony and other signed stars to Paris to participate in the event.

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