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Four Jordan 1 Shoes storage tips will help you, the shoe lover, no longer worry about them!

Are you still having a headache due to the large number of Jordan 1 Shoes that are difficult to store? The originally bright shoes were crammed together indiscriminately, some were squeezed and twisted, some uppers were rubbed by the soles of other shoes and stained with black marks that were difficult to remove, and some only had one shoe left when they were found. The other one ended up nowhere in the thick pile of shoes... No matter what the situation is, it's heartbreaking. Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation from happening, you have to start paying attention to the storage of Jordan 1 Shoes!

The first way: Jordan 1 Shoes are placed in the entrance storage area

Everyone will pass by the entrance hall when they go out. Therefore, storing Jordan 1 Shoes in the entrance hall is both convenient and beautiful. There are many shoe cabinets specially designed for entrances on the market. In addition to storing shoes, they can also store some temporary items, such as masks, keychains, alcohol, bags, etc. The capacity of the shoe cabinet should not be underestimated. Basically, it is not a problem to store about 20 pairs of Jordan 1 Shoes, which is enough to meet the needs of ordinary people. People who have a lot of Jordan 1 Shoes can also put their daily shoes here to save unnecessary rummaging time.

The second way: Jordan 1 shoes wall storage

The wall has always been a place that is easily overlooked, so once you discover its beauty, you will get an extra hidden storage space. Isn’t it a surprise? You can buy a wall hanging bar and adjust the placement slightly. This storage method can not only quickly lock the positions of different Jordan 1 Shoes, but also saves you from bending down to search. Isn’t it particularly convenient? Some people may be worried that the hanging bar will fall from the wall with Jordan 1 Shoes, but there is no need to worry.

The third way: Jordan 1 shoes stored behind the door

If the space in your home is really limited, don’t forget to occupy the space behind the door. There is a hanging bag on the market, which is generally used to hold small items in daily life. You can use it as a new form of shoe storage and mark the outside. This will not only make it easier to choose Jordan 1 Shoes for matching, but also make it easier to store Jordan 1 Shoes. The small family space looks spacious and clean. There is also a tilting shelf on the market that can be placed against the wall. Its design maximizes the use of space and is also a great tool in the storage world.

The fourth way: Jordan 1 shoe wardrobe storage

In many people's homes, the wardrobe is not only used to store clothes. People will stuff seasonal sheets into it, and also put some bags and the like. So when it comes to putting Jordan 1 Shoes, I guess many people will think of the wardrobe. Using a wardrobe to store some infrequently worn or expensive shoes is simple and crude but very effective in protecting shoes.

There are two floors of wardrobe, with clothes on the top and some windbreakers and skirts hanging on the bottom. Some Jordan 1 Shoes wrapped in shoe boxes can be placed at the bottom. The door can prevent wind and dust from wearing on the shoe uppers, and the shoe boxes are neatly arranged. Stacking them in the closet can also reduce the use of space at home. Moreover, storing Jordan 1 Shoes in the cabinet will provide more ideas for people to wear, so wardrobe storage is also an excellent method.

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