Monica Sneaker tells you Should you buy large or small sneakers?

  • Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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Monica Sneaker tells you Should you buy large or small sneakers?

It's better to be bigger when buying shoes. When trying on shoes, leave a space of 1 to 1.5 cm at the toes, which is the basis to ensure that your feet do not hurt. If the shoe is too small, the air cannot flow inside the shoe, and it will also cause the feet to be cold. In addition, don't just recognize the shoe size when trying on shoes. For example, if you often wear size 37, then you should try both sizes 36 and 38. In the afternoon and evening, your feet will be larger than in the morning, so it is not recommended to buy shoes in the morning. Put the shoes on the floor and observe whether the heels are perpendicular to the ground and whether they are in full contact with the ground. Especially when choosing high heels, you should pay special attention to this. When choosing this kind of shoes, the curve of the heel should be inclined when viewed from the side, rather than perpendicular to the ground; viewed from the top, the place where the upper and the Achilles tendon are in contact is a "V" shape instead of a circle. This type of shoe does not grind the heel.

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Monica Sneaker tells you Are sneakers one size bigger than sports shoes?

The size of sneakers is the same as that of sneakers. Sports shoes are not one size larger than sneakers. Both are standard sizes, so we only need to choose according to the size of our feet during the selection process. Both sneakers and sports shoes are a kind of sports shoes, but sneakers are casual sports shoes. They are comfortable to wear and also have a sense of fashion. They are very suitable for wearing in daily life, and sports shoes are more suitable for sports. But the shoe size does not have much deviation. Generally, when choosing sneakers and sports shoes, we only need to choose the size that we usually wear, but to choose leather shoes, it needs to be one size larger than usual. After all, leather shoes are thin, and there will be pinched feet when wearing them, so Need to choose a freshman size, of course, it also depends on the actual situation.

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Monica Sneaker tells you Can sneakers run ?

Board shoes are not suitable for running. For people who have been running for a long time, board shoes should not be worn for running. 1. The uppers of board shoes are generally made of canvas or leather, and the ventilation effect is not very good, which is not conducive to the air circulation of the feet. The uppers of running shoes are mostly mesh, which has a very good perspiration wicking effect. 2. The soles of the board shoes are flat, without any curvature, and no shock absorption. These factors will cause discomfort to the feet, fatigue or pain. The soles of running shoes usually use technology, including cushioning, stability, control and other technologies. Every detail is designed for running. 3. The damage to the feet caused by running with board shoes for a long time should not be underestimated. It may be sore and blistering, but it may hurt the bones and muscles. Therefore, whether you wear board shoes for running depends on your personal running habits.

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