Monica Sneakers tells you how to maintain Nike shoes without fading

  • Wednesday, 10 November 2021
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Monica Sneakers tells you how to maintain Nike shoes without fading

One: Monica Sneakers tell you when cleaning sports shoes, do not expose them to the hot sun, or use some white toilet paper or gauze to wrap them in the sun. This can also effectively prevent Nike shoes from fading. After all, no matter how good the shoes are, if they are exposed to the sun , It will definitely affect its color.

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Two: Monica Sneakers tell you when maintaining Nike shoes, do not soak them in water. Like this kind of sports shoes, you don't need to wash them frequently. Just replace the insoles frequently and wipe the surface dust with a damp cloth.

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Three: Monica Sneakers tell you after wearing, don't throw it around, especially in the rainy season, don't put it in a damp place, and keep the shoes dry.

Four: Monica Sneakers tell you when cleaning locally, you can choose to use waste toothbrushes, especially in places that are not easy to clean.

Five: Monica Sneaker tell you it is very important to use different detergents for Nike basketball shoes of different materials. Especially for some PU leather surface materials, it is best to use some laundry detergent or direct exploration. Do not use strong substances such as washing powder, which will easily damage this material.

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