Monica Sneakers tells you what to do if Vans' shoes are glued

  • Thursday, 04 November 2021
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Monica Sneakers tells you what to do if Vans' shoes are glued

1. Online collection found that the most effective and economical glue is 502, which is cheap and effective. First of all, clean up the opening to get the sand and dust out, otherwise it will be easy to crack after sticking. This can be done directly with water and a brush. There is no technical content.

2. After drying, scrape off the old glue in the glued area. In order to stick it more firmly, just pick up the nails.

3. Pour the glue, which is also the most delicate step, don't smash into the mouth. This is also very particular, not as many as possible. The most important thing is that the inner cotton of some shoes and the surface tissue are connected together. Canvas shoes are like that, and some of them are turned over. Too much glue will penetrate into the shoes. And the surface will harden after solidification, and it will grind the feet.

4. Fast, accurate and ruthless. Just pour the glue on the side of the shoe sole on the white inner cotton, and use a toothpick to wipe it into the small seam on the edge. The speed should be fast, or the glue will solidify quickly. Press the white edging up to be aligned with the height, that is, the bottom and sides must be aligned. Then press hard and grasp the time for yourself, 10 seconds, and the glue will solidify.

vans brand introduction

Vans is an original extreme sports fashion brand born in Southern California in 1966. Started with extreme sports, including skateboarding, surfing, BMX, skiing, etc. And taking skateboarding as the root, injecting Vans aesthetics from lifestyle, art, music and street fashion culture, forming a unique youth culture symbol, becoming a popular global brand for young extreme sports enthusiasts and trendy people! 1966 , On March 16, the first retail store was opened at Vans at 704 Broadway East in Anaheim. Van Doren Rubber Company (the company's original name) had its own workshop, which was unique at the time. On the first day of opening, 12 customers visited the shop and bought the shoes that were made that day in the afternoon. The famous sports and leisure brand VANS was established in 1966 on the streets of Anaheim, California, USA. It started with the manufacture of CASUAL FOOTWEAR. The styles produced under its brand are deeply loved by young fashionistas in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. The soles of the first pair of VANS shoes consisted of diamond patterns. After that, Paul added straight lines to the soles of the VANS shoes to make the soles closer to the ground and prevent slipping. The conservative softening manufacturing method (vulcanized sole) is mainly used to make the shoes have a hard structure.

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